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Ramia Farrage Ramia Farrage

Ramia Farrage

MC, Senior Producer and Presenter at Forbes

Dr. Ebrahim <br> Al Alkeem Dr. Ebrahim <br> Al Alkeem

Dr. Ebrahim
Al Alkeem

Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, AI Expert, Director at Government of Abu Dhabi

Martin Hanzl Martin Hanzl

Martin Hanzl

Head of New Technologies at EY LAW

Dr. Salim <br> Al-Shuaili Dr. Salim <br> Al-Shuaili

Dr. Salim

Senior Executive AI & Digital Transformation, Ministry of Transport, Communications and IT of Oman

Matthew Sigel Matthew Sigel

Matthew Sigel

Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck

Lennix Lai Lennix Lai

Lennix Lai

Global Chief Commercial Officer at OKX

Vladimir Nikolenko Vladimir Nikolenko

Vladimir Nikolenko

CBDC & Digital Assets Associate Director at Accenture

Akshay Chopra Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra

VP, Head of Innovation & Design at Visa CEMEA

Jonathan Dunsmoor Jonathan Dunsmoor

Jonathan Dunsmoor

Founder and Principal at Dunsmoor Law

Sam Blatteis Sam Blatteis

Sam Blatteis

CEO of The MENA Catalysts

Brett Hornung Brett Hornung

Brett Hornung

Web3 Lead at Accenture

Amnah Ajmal Amnah Ajmal

Amnah Ajmal

Executive Vice President - EEMEA Mastercard UAE

Ralph Chammah Ralph Chammah

Ralph Chammah

Chief Executive Officer at OwlGaze

Giorgio Torre Giorgio Torre

Giorgio Torre

Advisor of GCC Governments

Nishant Behl Nishant Behl

Nishant Behl

Founder of Expand My Business

Maha Al-Saadi Maha Al-Saadi

Maha Al-Saadi

Director Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist

Levan Bodzashvili Levan Bodzashvili

Levan Bodzashvili

Ex-Deputy Minister of MFA of Georgia, Rector at Neiron Academy for AI

Charles Cheng Charles Cheng

Charles Cheng

Ph.D, Forbes China 60

Chloe White Chloe White

Chloe White

Managing Director at Genesis Block

Phillip Liu Phillip Liu

Phillip Liu

General Manager of Tencent Cloud International in the MENA Region

Yannick Even Yannick Even

Yannick Even

Global Analytics Business Partner at Swiss Re

Alex Fazel Alex Fazel

Alex Fazel

Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg

Sallyann Della Casa Sallyann Della Casa

Sallyann Della Casa

CEO & Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC

Nima Banai Nima Banai

Nima Banai

Engineer, Program Lead at Google

Ines Belkhir Ines Belkhir

Ines Belkhir

Growth Product Manager at Mimo

Stefan Kimmel Stefan Kimmel

Stefan Kimmel

CEO of M2

Deniz Perçin Deniz Perçin

Deniz Perçin

Chief Marketing Officer at Areon Network

George Gvazava George Gvazava

George Gvazava

Forbes 30 Under 30, Chief Crypto Officer at Bank of Georgia

Clemmie Cheng Clemmie Cheng

Clemmie Cheng

Co-Founder and CMO at UZX

Slater Huang Slater Huang

Slater Huang

Co-Founder & Head of Asia Marketing at Bitunix

Wael AbuRizq Wael AbuRizq

Wael AbuRizq

AI & Advanced Analytics Advisor at Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

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